My Trusty Sidekick: Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner!

Trying a bunch of new makeup is always fun, but at the end of the day, a girl is going to have her few favorite staple items. Maybe it’s the absolute perfect shade of lipstick for your coloring, or maybe it’s the perfect lengthening mascara for your eyelashes; either way, it is a product you buy over and over again. Well, Revlon’s ColorStay eyeliner is one of my staple beauty products!

Image from!
Image from!

No matter how many eyeliners I try, both expensive and inexpensive, I always find myself coming back to ColorStay. Here are some of the pros for me about this product:

It stays true to its name. When I first experimented with this eyeliner, I was a little hesitant. Too many times have I heard products being described as “long lasting” and was disappointed when they didn’t actually last. But ColorStay is different. Being a college student, there are often many days where I leave my room in the early morning and I don’t return until late at night. With my previous eyeliners, I would constantly have to be checking myself out in every mirror, to see if my eyeliner has turned into a smudged mess under my eyes. But I don’t have that fear with ColorStay! The color actually stays on my eye! Who would’ve thought…

It’s cheap. With the non-sale price being under $10, this eyeliner is a complete steal! And with it being sold at CVS and other drug stores, I always seem to find some sort of coupon to buy it with! You can’t beat a cheap price and a sale!

There’s many colors to choose from. The black is usually the color I end up purchasing, but with such a cheap price, the other colors are definitely worth trying! And the colors actually show up on my eyes. Too many times have I tried putting on three layers of the same eyeliner, and I barely see it on my eyelids.

It doesn’t irritate my eyes or my contacts! This is a huge one for me. Nothing is worse than irritated eyes. I’m sorry, but no beauty product is worth itchy, puffy, red eyes.

The only issue I’ve found with this product is that the product is so good at staying on my eyes, it is sometimes hard to wash

Image from!
Image from!

off. And waking up with raccoon eyes isn’t an attractive look for anyone. But I’ve been having an easier time ever since I added Neutrogena’s Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes into my every night routine. I used to only use them for when I had heavy eye make-up (those little packets start to add up!) but I’ve learned spending a few extra dollars more often is worth it. I’ve tried using cheaper versions of these towelettes, and my advice to you? Stay away!! While all makeup towelettes can take off foundation no problem, when it came to eye makeup, the cheaper versions stung my eyes so badly that it would keep me up at night.

Overall, I would recommend this product to every girl that wears eyeliner! Do you use ColorStay? What color do you use? And what’s your view on it? What other staple beauty products do you love?

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