Revlon’s Curl Magic 1″ Clipless Titanium Curling Wand Really IS Magical!

I’ve been blessed (and sometimes I feel like I’ve been cursed) with extremely straight hair. My entire life, I’ve never had to do much to my hair; I don’t blow dry it, I don’t put product in it, just a quick brush through and I am good to go. As lucky as I am to have little work to do on my hair every morning, getting it to curl is an absolute nightmare. For my First Communion, I had my hair up in a bun with a few curls framing my face: the curls all fell out before I even got to the Church. For my prom, my mother spent $80 on a half-up, half-down look with long, loose curls, where the hairdresser swore my hair would stay curled (she almost used an entire bottle of hairspray on my hair!) Well that time, the curls at least stayed for most of the pictures, before it went back to being straight.

I thought that it was time to give up on curling my hair. The only way I know how to get a few waves and have them stay is to sleep in pigtail braids with my hair wet, and then put gel in it the next morning. But I found a product that finally works with my stubborn hair!

The curls were still intact when I arrived to the banquet!
The curls were still intact when I arrived to the banquet!

Revlon’s Curl Magic Curling Wand is an absolute miracle worker. They aren’t lying when they call their wand magic. I am a member of Phi Sigma Pi, a national honors co-ed fraternity, and I was attending my first banquet for it in April. I had no idea what to do with my hair, when one of my brothers (both the girls and the boys are called brothers!) offered to curl my hair for me. I was skeptical because of what has happened in the past, but I figured if she was going to curl it for free, who cares if the curls fall?

She curled my hair in under twenty minutes (when my prom hairdo took

The next morning the curls were still there!
The next morning the curls were still there!

over an hour). It looked beautiful, but I was still skeptical about how long it would last. Well, you can imagine how shocked I was that after a full night of dancing, laughing, and yes, even sweating, the curls not only lasted all night, but until the next morning after I had slept on it! And here’s the craziest part, hardly any hairspray was used! Talk about mind blowing!

Revlon is a budget beauty guru’s best friend. Their products do exactly what they say they will, all at amazingly low prices! Definitely a brand I rely on for great, affordable products.

The only problem I have with this product is that I can’t seem to find it in stores! I found it on Amazon, but every time I go into Walmart, I can only find one with a different shape! I don’t know if it will work the same, but maybe I’ll have to try it out and see if it does!

What kind of curling irons do you use? Comment below and let me know!

8 thoughts on “Revlon’s Curl Magic 1″ Clipless Titanium Curling Wand Really IS Magical!

  1. Oh wow! You should try the Not Your Mother’s beach spray. It doesn’t work really well with wavy hair like mine, but it’s great for people who have straight hair. People on YouTube really love it!

  2. I’ve the exact same hair, it’s impossible to get curls to last!! No matter how much product I use they fall out so quickly 😦 That curler sounds awesome if I find it in Ireland I’d defo contemplate getting it!!

    1. Hopefully it comes to Ireland, because it works so great on stubborn hair haha. If I find any other curling irons that do the trick, I’ll definitely let you know! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. I’m not sure if you ever found this curling iron but i just bought mine at Ross for $12! I’ve owned several curing wands this seems to work well

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