Sunday Steal: RetailMeNot!

sunday steals

Although RetailMeNot has been around for quite some time (the site was founded in 2006), it has consistently been the website to go to for discounts! Their catalog is huge: they have over 500,000 coupons from over 50,000 stores! One of the greatest things about this website is their app for iPhones and Androids, which is absolutely free and allows you to not only score online deals, but score in store deals as well.

Before you order anything online, I suggest you check out their website. You can either search by category (if you’re just looking for the best deals) or by store (if you have a specific item in mind!). What I love about this site is that it’s easy to navigate- your searches can be as broad as “beauty,” or as specific as “Maybelline.”

The app is extremely easy to use as well, before I checkout at a store, all I have to do is search the store’s name on the app, and all the coupons are listed for me! They even separate the online discounts from the in store discounts, so you aren’t disappointed when you go to pay and they say that promotion is only offered online. Also, if you enable location services, it can see when you’re at the mall, and they fill the page with deals from different stores your mall has! Talk about convenient!

I really love how the site isn’t geared towards one industry. I just got back from a trip to the mall, where I used this app to get a $40 shirt and a &7 lip gloss from Express, all for $20.96 (tax included)! I also convinced my friend to download the app, and she scored amazing deals as well.

Since the site generates so much traffic, the coupons are well monitored and kept up to date. You won’t need to browse through hundreds of old expired coupons to find one that is currently active. This makes couponing extremely quick and efficient!

Who knows, maybe I’ll be on the next episode of extreme couponing, but instead of groceries, it’ll be for beauty products!

How do you score the best deals on your beauty products? Let me know!


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