Transformation Tuesday: A Cluttered Desk to an Organized Vanity!


Transformation Tuesday is here!! I am so excited for this one- I decided to take on the challenge of turning my overly cluttered desk into a makeup vanity! Because I am away for the school year, I’ve realized that I don’t need a desk to sit down at to do homework. If I’m home, I don’t have any homework to do! So why not declutter that space, so I can finally have a nice working area to play with my  makeup?


Here is what my desk looked like before. As you can see, there were so many little knickknacks, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I reached for them. I told myself the hoarding has to stop; I was going to get rid of more than half of what was on/inside my desk.

To start, I cleared everything off of the top of my desk, so I could give it a great wipe down. Plus, it helped me visualize how much space I was working with. My suggestion is that before you start, make sure you have a giant garbage bag at your side. That way there’s no excuse for you to keep items you don’t need!

While I was organizing what was on the top of my desk, I made piles: the “throw away” pile for items that needed to go, the “important documents” pile for the items that I need to keep in an easily accessible location, the “don’t belong” pile for items that had a specific location of where they were supposed to be, and a “move it” pile for items that I needed to find space for somewhere else. After I was fully finished organizing the items into piles, I dealt with each pile separately until everything was off my floor. I repeated this process for each of the drawers in my desk.

After what seemed like forever of cleaning and organizing, I finally had a clean, empty desk to fill with my lovely makeup products! I have four drawers in my desk, and I decided to designate every drawer to a different body part: eyes (which is organized into a eyeliner section, an eyeshadow section, a mascara section, and an other section), face/skin (which is organized by a line of primers, a line of liquid foundation, and a line of powder foundation), lips (which is organized by beiges, light pinks, bright pinks/reds, browns), and hair/bags/hygiene. The last drawer is a little miscellaneous because like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have super straight hair so I don’t use too many products on it.











After I organized every drawer to my liking, I had to decide what to keep on the top of my desk. Of course, I would have my little mirror that I use to put my makeup on, but what else? I knew that I needed a “desk corner,” where I can put all the important documents and the book I’m currently reading. I put that in the far right corner, where I rested a giraffe (my all time favorite animal) bookend next to the documents; that keeps it out of the way while still looking cute! I also decided that I needed to leave out my makeup that I use every single day (my foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara) for easy access. They don’t take up too much space or look cluttered so it’s no big deal! I also decided to keep my deodorant, body cream, and perfumes out on the desk, because I use those everyday as well and it’s easy access to them if I’m on the run!

Next, I decided to take a three drawer container to put hair supplies in; one row is for clips, another for hair ties, and the third drawer is for headbands. On top of the container, I took an old cheetah print gift box and turned it into a coin jar- when it’s filled I get to go to the bank and find how much spare change I’ve saved! I also put a candle, and an old bottle that I painted purple (another quick DIY project!) with a dried out rose. I plan on buying a new flower for myself every week to take the place of the dried rose (it was the first flower my boyfriend ever got me, so it does have sentimental value!). Next to it, I use an old (huge) mug that I was given, and never really used before as a brush holder! It has all my eye brushes, my face brushes, and even my hairbrush stored away in there!

All that was left was to add a couple of decorations, so I added a picture frame (a cute little giraffe one that I found at Target!) and a letter “M” (for my name, Michele). And after hours worth of hard work, my transformation is (almost) complete! I still need to find a bigger mirror, and a lamp that I like, but I am so happy with the outcome! It’s always a great feeling of accomplishment when you declutter your room, and I think changing my desk’s purpose will keep me happy until I say goodbye to this room. Here’s my final product!


What DIY project do you want to try? Is there somewhere you need to declutter? Comment below and let me know!


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