My First Blogging Award: One Lovely Blog!


I am so excited to say that the wonderful Natalie has nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” award! This is so wonderful, and I cannot thank Natalie enough! I highly recommend you go check out her blog, because she is constantly updating and has some really great tips and product reviews.

Here are the rules of the award:

  • Thank the person (or lovely girls) who nominated you
  • Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
  • Share 7 things about you
  • Pass the award to seven nominees
  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

So here are seven things about me:

  1. I am left handed! My brother and I are the only ones in the entire family who write with their left hand.
  2. I visit Dunkin’ Donuts almost every single day. I almost never buy food when I’m there, though. Only iced coffee, hot chocolate, or unsweetened ice tea!
  3. I don’t like hot drinks. This kind of piggybacks off of the last one, but my mouth is super duper sensitive and burns extremely easily. I almost never drink hot coffee, and when I drink anything hot, I wait until it’s room temperature to enjoy!
  4. I’m allergic to the cold weather. Weird, right? And no, I’m not just being overdramatic about cold temperatures. When my body gets too cold (or if I have a cold water bottle resting on it for too long), my skin gets covered in hives! I went to the doctor for it years ago, and he suggested to me that I pick a college somewhere warm. I didn’t listen, and went to colder Massachusetts.
  5. When I’m at home, my hair stays in a messy bun. Always, always, always. I love long hair, and I love my hair, but when I’m not doing anything or I need to focus, I can’t stand when my hair is in my face. It’s a joke between me and my roommate because when either one of us gets home from a long day of classes, the hair goes up and the pants come off (to put on sweats!).
  6. I am abnormally tall. I don’t know exactly how tall I am, but it’s somewhere between 5 foot 10 and 5 foot 11. I’ve always been the tallest in my class my entire life, and I don’t hate it like I used to, but finding pants can still be a nightmare.
  7. I hate odd numbers. I couldn’t help but put this on an odd number. I’m a little OCD about it. I keep the volume of the radio and television always at an even number. My boyfriend likes to torture me by constantly changing it. Not funny.

Now here is the totally awesome part, I get to pass this award on to seven other bloggers! All the blogs I follow are absolutely fabulous, but these guys have really captured my attention with their eye catching blogs:

  1. She’s been awarded before, but I am completely obsessed with Blondes Love Cupcakes. Megan’s nail art is flawless. I can spend hours on her page, checking out all of her nail art, and be completely entertained. If you’re not following her already, what are you waiting for?!
  2. The Beauty Bunchies is such an enjoyable blog to read! Sofia posts about both beauty and fashion, and her blog posts never fail to enlighten me about whatever she’s posting! She posts about clothes, jewelry, beauty products, and even one of Starbucks’ secrets! Definitely go check her blog out!
  3. The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries, well the name of the blog says exactly what it’s all about! Setu is an awesome blogger from India, with some amazing beauty tips and nail art how to’s that have blown me away! Her blog is multi-purpose, and all fabulous!
  4. She has also been awarded before, but A Beautiful Twenty-Something Life has such quality posts that I can’t help but nominate her again! Gabbi attended a university in France (how lucky is she?!) and she has recently posted about her amazing travels! Also, in July, she will be reviewing a new subscription box every single day! I can’t wait for that!
  5. Makeup by Kourtnee and I started blogging on the same day, and she was one of the first blogs I discovered, and I find myself visiting her page frequently to check out what she has to say! Her product reviews are spot on, and I love when she posts her makeup for the day, because she is a beautiful girl, and her makeup is perfection!
  6. Splashes and Everything is such a fun blog to read. Christine is from South Africa (how cool!!) and her beauty blog is much more personal than most, which is exactly why I love it! I love how she incorporates her life into her blog, it lets you know that she is blogging because she truly loves to do it!
  7. And last, but certainly not least, is Redesigned by M. She isn’t a beauty blog, instead she is all about redesigning, reorganizing, and repurposing old items to give them a new life! Her blog is absolutely spectacular. Whatever I write here really won’t do it justice, so make sure you check out her blog!

A huge thank you again to Natalie, having my first award and nominating other blogs was so much fun!

20 thoughts on “My First Blogging Award: One Lovely Blog!

  1. Hi Michele… I’ve just now gotten around to reading your post. Thank you so much for the nomination and the awesome description of my blog! How honored I feel to be the only non-beauty blog in your nominations! *hugs* I also recognize a few of my new followers from your comments, so muchas gracias for that. ~M.

    1. You are more than welcome!! Your blog is honestly one of my favorites ever; I’m so happy I found it early on in my blogging experience 🙂 All your ideas are going to be so helpful for when I move into my first apartment next month!

      1. Good luck with that! I remember my first apartment… it was back in the day when the majority of us were still using dial-up! Haha… no way the Internet had as much information as it does now. Look forward to seeing your new apartment escapades on your blog! ~M.

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