Trend Inspired Nails: Black and White Striped!

hduffBlack and white striped skinnies are a huge trend right now; so many celebrities are being spotted in this awesome, yet simple, trend! When I saw Hilary Duff spotted in this trend, I thought she nailed the look so perfectly, and she inspired me. I just had to do something with this trend! The only problem is that shopping for pants is always extremely difficult for me. Being 5 foot 11, most jeans I try on are too short. I have yet to find a pair that fit me correctly, so I thought to myself, why not put the trend on my nails instead?

I bought an awesome nail polish kit at Five Below (such a steal!) that came with five different colors with super skinny brushes! Instead of using a toothpick like I did in my last design, the skinny brushes made it so much easier. All I did was use N.Y.C.’s String of Pearls as a white base coat, wait for it to dry, and I used the black polish with the skinny brush from Five Below on top of it! I paired my Hilary Duff inspired nail with Essie’s Chinchilly gray color, to keep it neutral. While my nails aren’t too “summery,” they are neutral, which allows me to pair my nails with some really bright clothes! Check out my results below!

hduff nailsI never know how to photograph my nails, no matter what I seem to do, my hand looks awkward. Do you have the same problem? What color is on your nails right now? Comment below and let me know!

11 thoughts on “Trend Inspired Nails: Black and White Striped!

  1. I like your nail stripes idea for this trend! I’ve been seeing a lot of it as well,and I have been trying to find a way to wear it without being too mainstream with the pants or shirts. The stripes also make your nails appear longer,so I will definitely be trying something like this,but maybe with some different colors for a fun summer look.


      1. Yeah totally! My old nail polish is now chipping,so I will def. be doing a blog post about nails soon,just gotta find the time to get around to it! I’ve been a busy busy bee lately,and my poor little blog has been getting the short end of the stick 😦 I will def. try it out ASAP tho 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m going to have my post for you sometime tomorrow! I am not feeling well today so I will unfortunately be spending the majority of the day with some chicken soup and my bed :/

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