Trend Inspired Nails Take 2

Remember the trend inspired nails I posted about two days ago? Well, unfortunately after only two days of polish, my nails were completely chipped. Funny thing was, the nails with the Essie Chinchilly polish on them, which costs $8 per bottle, were the nails that chipped, and the nails with the nail art polish from Five Below, which costs $5 for five different colored bottles, were the only two nails that didn’t chip!

I really liked the stripes on my nails. I think it’s a very simple look, and it can easily go with many different colors. After painting my remaining nails gray the first time, I wanted to do a color that would pop for the summer. So I picked up a Victoria’s Secret Pink nail polish, which came free with a purchase at one time. It doesn’t have a name so I am unsure if they are actually selling it or if it was only a freebie, but it’s a bright electric pink color.

The results? I love it. I think I love my nails more now than when I had the gray polish on. It’s a lot more fun, and a lot more my style. Check out what they look like below!


I have a 20th birthday dinner to go to tonight, so I am so happy that these came out the way they did! I’ll post my whole look later!

What are your favorite nail colors for the summer? Comment below and let me know!


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