Getting Ready With Michele!

Hey guys! So last night I went to a friend’s twentieth birthday dinner, and I was extremely pleased with how my makeup came out. So I’ve decided to do a little step by step tutorial of what I did and what makeup I used! Here is my end result:


But how did I get there? Well, first things first: after my shower, I immediately moisturized. And I’m not just talking about my face; I gave my body a good rub down with Jergens Shea ButterΒ cream to keep it silky smooth. Naturally, I have extremely dry skin. Weirdly enough, I am often complimented on how soft my skin is! Jergens definitely does the trick!

Once the moisturizer was set into my body, I started on my makeup! Foundation was first up on my list. I used a blend of Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture TintΒ and my MAC foundation. The moisture tint really helps makeup stay on my face all day long. I use it as a substitute for primer. I swept my Amazing Cosmetics powder on my face to finish off my foundation. I then used a CoverGirl blush in bright pink to highlight my cheekbones.



Next up on my list? My eyes. I used a Lancome eyeshadow quad that my mother got once as part of a free gift. Obviously, since it was free, I cannot link the actual product, but I will put a picture below. It is such a great palette: it comes with a very light base coat, a pretty gold, and brown and green accent colors. I used all the colors except for the green. I went for a beige and brown smokey eye look, and I was so excited with how it came out! I then used my Revlon ColorStay eyeliner (which I’ve talked about so many times) and my L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara (with two coats on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom lashes) to complete my bold eye look.


Last but not least on the list were my lips. I used a MAC lipliner and a no name bright pink lipgloss (where I have no idea where it’s from. I just found it while I was reorganizing my makeup) for a simple lip. I always try to play up one feature, while letting the rest of my features look more subtle. If I have an intense lip color, I go for natural eyes. And here, since I had bold eyes, I decided to tone down my lips.


I originally put my hair up and in a clip to keep it out of my face while I was working on my makeup, but when I had my finished look I decided the ponytail really worked! So I quickly redid my hair to get rid of the unnecessary bumps. I then put on my outfit (a black tank top with a slit down the back from Express, paired with black lace shorts from H&M and gold gladiator sandals), and I was ready to go just as my friend picked me up! Perfect timing.


Sorry for the poor quality image on the right, I took it with my cell phone!

Do you want to know how to achieve a certain look? Comment below and let me know!

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