San Francisco: Day Two!

Hello everyone! My second day in San Francisco was so much fun! During the day, we walked by the water, explored some shops by the ferry building, and took a ferry to Sausalito! It’s such a cute little town with a bunch of eclectic shops, cafes, and the best ice cream I’ve ever had! Lappert’s Ice Cream had some of the craziest flavors I’ve ever seen: coconut caramel macadamia nut, green tea, guava sorbet, and a bunch of other cool flavors! I got pistachio and banana caramel chocolate chip, and both flavors were absolutely amazing.

For my day makeup, I went with my everyday face makeup, along with my Too Faced natural eye palette (which I have reviewed in a previous post). I also had on a coral color lipstick. I kept it very light; I knew I had to do a lot of walking, so I didn’t want all my makeup to be running down my face! For my day outfit, I wore a pair of PacSun skinny jeans rolled up with my boat shoes, and a Guess sweater. Let me tell you though, it sure was hot yesterday! My aunt says it hasn’t been this nice out in a long time, and although my outfits are prepared for cooler weather, I’m definitely enjoying the sun!

After getting back to the apartment (and giving my feet a well deserved break!) we all went out to dinner together to meet my aunt and uncle’s friends! Everyone in this city is extremely friendly, and it was so much fun spending quality time with my family.

For my night makeup, I stuck with a subtle gold and brown smokey eye, my pink matte lipstick, and a little bright pink blush. I applied my usual face makeup, eyeliner, and mascara, and I was ready to go! For my night outfit, I decided to pull out the fedora to go with my all black ensemble. It was a sleek look, but with a little surprise in back, because it had a slit down the middle of my tank top!






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