San Francisco: Day Three!

Hello everyone! Day three in San Francisco sure was a lot of fun, and a lot of walking! We decided to walk over to AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants) for an awesome tour! I’m not obsessed with baseball, but the tour was extremely interesting. We got to go inside the press box, locker rooms, dugouts, and we even got to be on the field! Our tour guide was awesome; you could really tell he loves interacting with people and his job!

After touring the stadium, we stopped to get a quick bite to eat. Most of my family was tired and wanted to go back to the apartment to rest, but my cousin and I wanted to keep going. So her and I hit the mall for a preview (we are going back to the mall soon!) and got our shop on.

For my day outfit, it’s been warmer than it usually is here, so I wore a simple little sundress paired with brown boots. My day makeup was also simple; I used my Too Faced palette, but I used the lightest beiges on my eyes. I paired the simple shadow with a simple pink lipstick.




For my night outfit, I decided to keep the same dress on and pair it with a blazer and black flats. I updated my night makeup though, by using a bunch of purple shadows with heavy mascara and eyeliner. I was a little nervous because I don’t usually wear purple eyeshadows, but I ended up obsessing over my eye makeup! We went out for dinner, and explored the town for as long as we could. I ended up walking over five miles yesterday, my feet could really use a foot massage!





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