San Francisco: Days Five and Six!

The last few days of vacation have been quite busy! So ill mesh two days into one post!

We decided to drive up the coast! We stuck our feet in the Pacific Ocean, are at an adorable cafe, and walked around Half Moon Bay! It was so much fun, and the coast was amazingly beautiful. The views from the highways are phenomenal!



At night, we went to a cute little Italian place and drove down Lombard Street! I didn’t realize how insanely twisty and curvy the road was until we were on our way down already!




Today in San francisco was the pride parade! What an awesome sight it was, especially since the recent rulings with Prop 8 and DOMA! My uncle has a restaurant in San Francisco, which overlooked the parade, so we were helping him work! I met so many awesome people and it was such an amazing sight to see.



After a long day of working, we went to get a quick bite to eat and then just made our way back to the apartment to pack our bags. This vacation was so exciting and I don’t want to leave. I already can’t wait to come back to California!


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