I’m Back! And a CoverGirl Ink It Eyeliner Review!

Hello everyone! I senserily apologize for my lack of posts recently; life has just gotten so exciting! Right after I got in from San Francisco, I had to go straight up to Massachusetts to sign my first lease for my apartment! I was moving a bunch of things in, so I stayed for a couple of days. Since my apartment is brand new, I haven’t been able to set up any wifi yet, so I had no access to the Internet, or my blog! But now I am back home, and ready to start cranking out new posts!

So my first post back I decided to do a product review. If you saw my night look from day three of my trip to San Francisco, you saw that I had on purple eyeshadow that had a hint of electric blue liner. Well, that’s because I was rocking CoverGirl’s Ink It! Eyeliner in “aquamarine ink.” I picked this eyeliner up before I left for vacation, and I’m so glad I did!

Growing up, my mother taught me a cool little trick of lining the corners of my eyes with a bright color. Usually, I have chosen a bright blue or purple eyeshadow, and have done a thin line. Check out the picture below, it’s a picture of my makeup from junior year of high school!


So when I found this eyeliner in such a bright color, I knew I had to try it out. I was afraid the color wasn’t going to come out as strong as it looked, but I was happily surprised when I first tried it. And even better news, CoverGirl’s eyeliner lasted all day without smudging! Because of the color I picked, I am not wearing this product everyday, but since it comes in six other colors, I’m definitely going to give one of the neutral colors a try for everyday! The tip of the eyeliner is fine, and the product self sharpens! I hope CoverGirl puts out more bright colors, those would definitely be fun to try!


What color do you use to make your eyes really pop? What’s your favorite eyeliner brand? Comment below and let me know!

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