Site to Check Out: Influenster

So this morning I came across the site Influenster, and I’ve been hooked all morning! Never heard of it before? Make sure to check out their about page, but I’ll give you the basic rundown!

Influenster is a community of people who go to share their opinions of products or services they have used. I stick to the beauty products, but there are plenty more products to explore! The more you go on the site, take surveys, review products, the more you earn badges. Now, based off the badges you earn, you will get exclusive access to products, discounts, and promotions from companies that thrive off of feedback!

The thing I love most about Influenster is that before I try a new beauty product, I can see what grade it’s earned based off of my fellow Inflensters. I can read what they liked and didn’t like about the product, before I make my own decision on whether trying out the product is worth it or not. Plus, I started this blog to share my experiences with beauty products to help others, so this is another great way to reach out to more beauty addicts!

Another great perk of being on Influenster? The VoxBox! It’s a free beauty box sent to you based off of what you like! To earn a VoxBox, you need to continue unlocking badges. Not all boxes are the same; the more time you spend earning badges, the better your box can be! There are also brand challenges, where the brands the site partners with wants to reward its most obsessed clients! All you have to do is a few simple tasks on the site, depending on the brand you love!

Have I convinced you yet to join this awesome site? If you’ve answered yes, I’ve got a proposition for you! Influenster told me I get to invite five of my most influential friends to the site! Once you’re signed up, you can invite five friends, and then they can invite five friends, and the cycle will continue! Want to be invited? Comment below with your email, or if you don’t want your email public send me an email to Hurry though, I only have five invites!


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