Easy Nail Art Trick!

Hi ladies!! This rainy Thursday has me cuddled up inside all day long, so I figured why not try some fun, easy nail art? What I did to my nails is simple and easy to do, and it doesn’t take any longer than painting your nails all one color! So what exactly did I do?

Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips have been out for awhile now, and I’ve used them a few times prior, but I don’t use them too often. For $9.99 a package, I’d probably rather get a manicure once than apply these on my nails once. But these strips are super easy to use, and I’ve found a way to get full use out of them: Use them as nail art! You can use them on your ring finger like I did, or you can try them out on different nails for a fun look!

I used the strips in #43: “Laced Up,” and I love the look of it on my nail. It’s a very classic look, fun to dress up or dress down. When I first put the strip on, I was going to a family reunion and I painted my surrounding nails a beige color; I used Revlon’s  ColorStay polish in shade 300: “Bare Bones.” Today, I used Revlon’s Brilliant Strength polish in shade 190: “Entice.” I blogged about both of these shades before here. Next, I’m planning on trying the strips on my thumb and ring fingers, and pairing them with a hot pink color!

These strips make nail art super easy to have unique nails for those who aren’t as skilled as others are with nail art (like myself)! Have you tried any of these strips yet? Do you like them? What nail art trick do you want to try? Comment below and let me know!


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