A Different Ombre Nail Art!

Hi guys! Previously I posted on how to create an ombre nail art look by creating an ombre on each finger nail. While I love that look and it isn’t too complicated to do, it was definitely a bit time consuming. If you like the whole ombre trend but don’t have time to stamp each nail, my newest ombre nails will do the trick for you! It’s as easy as painting your nails all one color!


Either you can go to your local drugstore and buy inexpensive nailpolishes to achieve this look, or you can do what I did and just pick the color of the most different kinds of polishes you have! Each nail is a different brand because I didn’t feel like making a trip to CVS (I always end up leaving with more beauty products than I went in for). If I had bought polishes I might’ve picked a darker color for my middle finger, but I am still pleased with how this came out. Plus, it’s so simple that it doesn’t add on any time; you can give your nails a cool effect without spending an hour on your nails!

What nail art tricks do you know about that are easy to do? Comment below and let me know!


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