Manicure Monday!

I love painting my nails. Whether it’s a simple, solid, neutral color or a wild and funky design, nail art is just another way I am able to express myself! But all of my hard work and time spent on my nails seems silly the second my nails decide to chip. I know chipped nails is a part of every girl’s life (unfortunately…), but I can’t help but get frustrated when my nails chip after only one day!

Yesterday, I painted my nails a fabulous bright pink color that I received for free from Victoria’s Secret. I thought the color was perfect for the summertime against my tan skin. Well, when I woke up this morning to find the ends of my nails all chipped, let’s just say I wasn’t the happiest camper. How did my nails even chip in my sleep?!

Mystery aside, I decided that instead of repainting my nails all over again, I was going to design some nail art to save my nails! I picked up my Essie polish in licorice and got to work!


The design is very simple, just a black French tip and a vertical line going down each index finger nail. I thought the vertical line looked a little strange on it’s own, so I added a few polka dots in the hot pink base color. I still get to rock the fabulous hot pink color that I wanted to, but I don’t have to see any chipped nails! Not yet, at least…

How do you save your nails when they chip? What color are you wearing right now? Comment below and let me know!


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