Transformation Tuesday | DIY Project!

Hi guys! Like I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m moving into my first apartment on Saturday! I’ve been pretty busy lately because I’ve been spending a lot of time buying and creating things to decorate the place. I love do it yourself (DIY) projects because they let you add a personal touch of you into your living space. While the cost is a little work time, it ends up saving you money!

I decided I wanted my new room to have a bohemian style to it. I wanted a a very cozy feel; and I have colors like red, green, orange, and brown filling the space. While in the craft store with my mom looking for things for a different DIY project, we walked by these cardboard letters. I picked up a two foot ‘M’ and my mom and I decided we could do something with it.


When we got back to the house, my mom and I came up with the idea to draw and paint the ‘M’ with all the different patterns that are going to be in my room. My mom sketched for me and I painted, and after hours of hard work, it came out perfect!


I originally was planning on extending the designs on the sides and the back of the ‘M,’ but I was running out of time so I decided to put red duct tape on the sides. My mom gave the designs a quick outline with a sharpie marker and we were finished. And although it took some time to create, I only spent thirteen dollars! ($8 for the ‘M,’ and $5 for the duct tape). It was a steal compared to the oversized letters from Anthropologie, which are going for 98 dollars a letter.


I love that I get to put this project in my room, because it’s something my mom and I worked on together. It’ll be a nice little reminder of her everyday that I’m away!

Do you like DIY projects? Is there one you want to try? Comment below and let me know!


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