Liebster Award!

Hi all! I am so incredibly sorry about my lack of posts! One week from today I will be moving into my apartment for good, so I’ve had a lot of preparation to do! Buying furniture, decorations, and packing has taken up more time than I could’ve imagined- but expect more frequent posts once I’m all moved in! I’ve also been thinking of posting my first video of a tour of my apartment once it’s all decorated! What do you guys think? But in other news, I am elated to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award! I … Continue reading Liebster Award!

Site to Check Out: Influenster

So this morning I came across the site Influenster, and I’ve been hooked all morning! Never heard of it before? Make sure to check out their about page, but I’ll give you the basic rundown! Influenster is a community of people who go to share their opinions of products or services they have used. I stick to the beauty products, but there are plenty more products to explore! The more you go on the site, take surveys, review products, the more you earn badges. Now, based off the badges you earn, you will get exclusive access to products, discounts, and … Continue reading Site to Check Out: Influenster

San Francisco: Days Five and Six!

The last few days of vacation have been quite busy! So ill mesh two days into one post! DAY FIVE: We decided to drive up the coast! We stuck our feet in the Pacific Ocean, are at an adorable cafe, and walked around Half Moon Bay! It was so much fun, and the coast was amazingly beautiful. The views from the highways are phenomenal! At night, we went to a cute little Italian place and drove down Lombard Street! I didn’t realize how insanely twisty and curvy the road was until we were on our way down already! DAY SIX: … Continue reading San Francisco: Days Five and Six!

San Francisco: Day Four!

Shopping definitely runs in my family. And with the mall in San Francisco being about five or six floors, obviously one day of my vacation had to be dedicated to exploring the mall! We decided to go back to the ferry building for a quick breakfast, take the awesome cable car, and then we shopped until we dropped! The mall was absolutely fabulous; with a good mix of expensive and inexpensive clothing, I was both window shopping and shopping shopping! And the food court? Outstanding. I had a delicious Mediterranean sandwich and an adorable mini red velvet cupcake! For my … Continue reading San Francisco: Day Four!

San Francisco: Day Three!

Hello everyone! Day three in San Francisco sure was a lot of fun, and a lot of walking! We decided to walk over to AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants) for an awesome tour! I’m not obsessed with baseball, but the tour was extremely interesting. We got to go inside the press box, locker rooms, dugouts, and we even got to be on the field! Our tour guide was awesome; you could really tell he loves interacting with people and his job! After touring the stadium, we stopped to get a quick bite to eat. Most of my … Continue reading San Francisco: Day Three!

San Francisco: Day Two!

Hello everyone! My second day in San Francisco was so much fun! During the day, we walked by the water, explored some shops by the ferry building, and took a ferry to Sausalito! It’s such a cute little town with a bunch of eclectic shops, cafes, and the best ice cream I’ve ever had! Lappert’s Ice Cream had some of the craziest flavors I’ve ever seen: coconut caramel macadamia nut, green tea, guava sorbet, and a bunch of other cool flavors! I got pistachio and banana caramel chocolate chip, and both flavors were absolutely amazing. For my day makeup, I … Continue reading San Francisco: Day Two!